The Illusoriness of materials 2011 -2012

I never try to convert my patients to something, I never press them. What interests to me is above all that the patient may realise his personal vision of things…according to what his destiny involves”,

The citation is taken from Jung’s 1861 “Memories, dreams. reflections”.

Seeing Fiamma’s works a powerful association suddenly came to my mind to the solicitations that her painting had stimulated in me.

….as in my opinion one of the characteristics that enlightens the beauty of her paintings is that they are up to dialogue with whom is looking at them. Creating amazement and emotion, suggesting images rising from the unconscious, this time of the spectator. And these last communicate with Fiamma’s messages and intertwine with them, and she accepts and somehow integrates them “if you see an angel in my picture, even if I didn’t put it there, evidently it is there”.

(From “The memory of images” introduction to the catalogue by Marcella Merlino, sand Therapist)