Fiamma Dinelli

Fiamma Dinelli was borne, lives and works in Rome.

She takes her degree at Rome’s Faculty of Architecture “La Sapienza”, while attending four years the painting school of Lea Reviglio Andreis.
The following ten year she collaborates with architects Valter Bordini, Carlo Chiarini e Marcello Vittorini, then opens with Valter Bordini a studio of architecture, devoted to the design of public and private large dimension buildings.

Among the most important realisations are the Regional Hospital of L’Aquila, the multi-function building Garda in Spinaceto (Rome), the C.E.D of the National Bank of Agriculture, several large housings in Rome and a wide number of architecture competitions.

1985-1995 with Valter Bordini plans and directs the whole reconstruction in a different site of Conza della Campania, a village that was completely demolished by 1981 earthquake.

In the same time she practices visual arts. Elaborating fragmented images, with a language extending to mixed techniques, among which acrylic colours, collage and spray.

In these years she will shape her personal formal approach to art.

Her great passion for travelling will lead her to found, in 1999, Vagabondo. This is web site, a virtual square where people who love travelling and look at travel as a life experience and a means of knowledge rather than simple tourism may meet, exchange ideas and hints, tell stories and tell themselves, and at the same time find selected resources in a virtual space.

In 2007 she discovers the potentiality that digital photo and computer elaboration may offer, this leads her to extend her artistic poetics to new horizons.

So, in 2008 she participates with Laura D’Andrea Petrantoni to the bi-personal exhibition named The shape of colour – the colour of material, in the bookshop-gallery “è-stile” in Rome.

In the same space, in 2009 she holds a personal exhibition named Eye, camera, mind – progressive abstractions.

In 2011 participates with several works, to the international event-exhibition “Jazz-art, Painting, sculpting and jazz music”, at the Romanian Academy in Rome. In November of the same year she holds in the Faculty of Architecture of Rome an important personal exhibition named “The illusoriness of the material” cured, as well as its catalogue, by Rosetta Gozzini.

During the following years she participates, invited, to several collective exhibitions.

In 2014 spring she holds a wide personal exhibition cured by the critic and art historian Claudio Crescentini at the Media Museum in Pescara.